Welcome to Dries Visser Pure-Bred Game

Dries Visser Pure-Bred Game is strategically located in the heart of the Thabazimbi bushveld, renowned as the premier region for game genetics in South Africa. This area boasts exceptional trophy quality game, earning it a well-deserved reputation among game breeders. Characterized by heartwater areas and lush grazing lands, approximately 4,000 hectares of the Dries Visser farm are dedicated to breeding high-value game, meticulously protected from predators.

For Dries Visser, the pursuit of game breeding goes beyond mere financial gain. At the core of his operation lies a profound passion for cultivating exceptional quality game genetics. This ethos permeates every aspect of Dries Visser Pure-Bred Game, earning Dries Visser a reputation for unwavering honesty and sincerity in his commitment to wildlife conservation and his interactions with fellow game farmers.

The journey began in 1984 with Dries Visser’s inaugural game breeding project focused on heartwater springbok. Over the years, his admiration for the majestic sable antelope grew, leading him to embark on a sable breeding program in the early nineties. This endeavor saw Dries Visser acquire six pure Matetsi sable from Zimbabwe, laying the foundation for his esteemed sable breeding program.

Our History


Dries is a dedicated game farmer whose deep understanding of wildlife has been cultivated over a lifetime of immersion and observation. Born in the Molopo district bordering Botswana, he spent his formative years surrounded by a diverse array of wildlife, nurturing orphaned animals with a milk bottle and fostering a profound love and appreciation for nature from an early age.

In 1973, Dries purchased a farm in the Thabazimbi area and wasted no time in transforming it into a haven for game farming. While still managing his business interests in the Vaal Triangle, he immediately began breeding wildlife on his newly fenced property. By 1983, he had divested from his business ventures, fully committing himself to his passion for wildlife on his farm.

With over four decades of experience in game farming, Dries now focuses his efforts on intensive breeding programs for selected scarce game species. His son, Dries Junior, shares his father’s passion for wildlife and actively assists in breeding quality game while overseeing the professional hunting business. Together, they find joy and fulfillment in their work.

Dries senior firmly believes that a game farmer who presents themselves as a selected game breeder must prioritize integrity over financial gain. He advocates for honesty and sincerity in every transaction, selling only animals of exceptional quality with outstanding genetic traits to fellow game farmers. He emphasizes that it is the responsibility of each individual game breeder to ensure the preservation and enhancement of genetic quality on fenced properties.

As the owner of numerous breeding herds of outstanding Zambian sable, all exhibiting giant sable characteristics such as a black masked face and exceptional horn length, Dries is renowned for his commitment to excellence. He personally imported these animals, further showcasing his dedication to breeding superior stock. Additionally, he passionately breeds disease-free buffalo of diverse bloodlines, recognizing that the best quality buffalo must be bred irrespective of their origin, whether from East Africa, Kruger, or Addo.